genella on July 21st, 2010


SPIKE…..Ode to all the rot fans out there. One big hunk of dog. He’s so heavy when he pus all his weight on me, but still so cute and loving.

He is very well mannered and takes training easily. My boyfriend has no problem getting him to do what he wants…staying indoors with the gates open, sitting when he’s supposed too, not coming in the house…etc.
However, i have noticed once i start playing with him and he gets overly excited…well that’s it. He’s jumping around and nudging you and gets so playful. Not that i mind one bit.
Its just my dogs get jealous and curious when i go home smelling of other dogs. I wonder what goes through their mind?
When they get all riled up like that its hard for them to listen and behave well…its like they don’t even hear you talking.

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  • genella on July 16th, 2010

    So its been a while, but not much has changed. My doggies are just as cute and miserable as ever. Zorro still follows mom around as if he were her bodyguard, even quarreling relentlessly with her when she leaves the house….lol

    The girls, sugars and zeena are as sweet and adorable as ever. Not ones to cause mischeif like the other boys….

    Tarzan, Flipper and Coco….sigh! Flipper and taz, the ones most likely to run out of our yard when we are bringing in our cars. You would think they would have learnt by now to stay inside like the other dogs. Not them. And the last time one of them got close to doing so, he came back inside to some serious chats from the other dogs, as if they were saying “What you trying to do? Really? Don’t you know you not supposed to go outside?”

    I wish i could speak doggy language. Just for one day even! I think it would be a breakthrough in the methods of training dogs and making them and their owners happier….lol.

    Coco! sweet, huggable boy, but so mischievous….mainly in the night time. I swear he’s in puppy mode still. Any thing you leave lying around by chance, is gonna be chewed up by the morning. Then you see him in the morning and if we didn’t know better, we would have never guessed it was him!

    Does anyone have any dogs like that? And how did you train them?

    But i still love them all!!!

    genella on August 18th, 2009


    Starface was one of Sugars puppies that we gave away. She was just so adorable that I had to post her picture for all of you to see. Don’t you agree? She is Coco’s siter.

    genella on August 10th, 2009

    My sister has 2 Pitbulls. One of them is Lady and she is so adorable. Here she is as a puppy.



    Recently Lady was vomitting, not eating or going off. When they carried her to the vet they eventually ended up having to do surgery. The vet found that she has swollen a mango seed and it could not come out because it was too big and had caused some damage inside.

    She’s ok now, but theay are monitoring her and making sure she doesn’t eat anymore Mangoes. Its so important to make sure we know what our dogs ingest because they will put anything in their mouth and not worry in the least if its good for them.

    genella on June 24th, 2009

    Does anybody have to deal with their dogs not wanting to eat due to you not being home?

    When mom and dad (mostly mom) leaves home…zorro goes on a diet. He misses them so much that he waits for them to come back home before he can eat.

    Its so cute. He looks so sad, just like a little child missing their parents. He doesn’t do that with me either. I think he considers me his sister….lol.

    genella on June 17th, 2009
    Well although having a litter of 7 dogs, including 4 strong males is a recipie for the occasional fight…they have their wonderful moments when they get along so well.
    I hope you don't mind if i rest my paw on your back.....It's soooo comfortable!

    I hope you don't mind if I rest my paw on your back.....It's soooo comfortable!


    They all love to be at the top stair… close as possible to where we are. No wonder they will co-operate just to be close to us.  How sweet!
    We can both fit here.....nevermind my feet are hanging off!

    We can both fit here.....nevermind my feet are hanging off!


    Flipper and Zeena are quite close and pictures like the one below are a common site.
    Flipper and his girlfriend - Zeena
    genella on June 14th, 2009

    She is mommy’s little girl……(that is duchess’ little baby) She is so attached to her mommy. Since Duchess died she has been the mother of all the dogs…especially her baby – Coco!

    She is a tough little cookie and really solid. She looks smallish, but don’t be mistaken ….she is really solid (like a dumpling everyone says).



    She is also the only one of the dogs that does not get locked up when we are coming in and out of the house or bringing in guests because she totally understands us when we tell her to stay. She would bark at strangers, but would never rush them or try to harm them, once we are around.

    genella on June 3rd, 2009

    Zeena is one of our little girls. She is so fluffy and spritely and quite a cutey, but i am biased.

    She reminds me of a little chicken in that she always collects papers and cloth and carries it to where she sleeps and then “nests” in it. Its quite funny to see.


    genella on June 3rd, 2009

    Zorro, my little pumpkin…although born of the same litter as all the rest, came out smaller than a little pompek with a little Doberman’s bobtail.

    Stretching my long legs

    Stretching my long legs

     Because he is so small he tends to get pushed around by his bigger brothers, so he’s the lucky one that gets to stay in the house with us. He appears to have gotten instructions from his daddy – Frisky, to watch over my mom, because let me tell you…he does not ever leave her side. He is her personal bodyguard. He would also run in barking if anything is wrong outside.

    They do say the smallest ones have the loudest voices.

    genella on May 29th, 2009

    Hi everyone….meet the “white man” of the group – Flipper. Again, just as his name suggests he’s very hyper.



    He so playful and always follows mom eerywhere she goes when she’s outside. He is also one of the mischievous ones…and gives a smile when mom talks to him.
    Flipper yawning!

    Flipper yawning!